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Asian Art 亚洲艺术古董

The Asian Art Department at Chiswick Auctions has experience exponential growth since its founding and is regarded as one of the top destinations in the UK for the sale of Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, Korean and Southeast Asian Art. The quarterly sales offer high quality Chinese ceramics and works of art, as well as Japanese and Tibetan art. A member of Asian Art in London, the May and November sales coincide with Asian Art week, whilst the smaller February and September sales are also much anticipated.

Keenly attuned to market developments in Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan, the department remains at the forefront of the London market. In 2017, the department established bi-annual sales in Fine Chinese Paintings which have been met with acclaim across the industry for the quality and academic rigour we bring to the subject. A rare handscroll by internationally recognised artist Xu Naigu, which was awarded the prestigious Asian Art in London 2017 Commendment Award, realised an auction house record price of £267,600. The only London saleroom to hold dedicated sales in Chinese Paintings, Chiswick Auctions is a market leader in this field across the U.K.

In February 2018 the department hosted its first dedicated Netsuke sale, organised by our Japanese Specialist, Yasuko Kido, which met with an extremely warm reception. In May 2018 the department held its inaugural dedicated sale on the subject of later Chinese bronzes. Following successful dedicated sales in Hong Kong and Beijing, the sale offered private collections sourced from the UK and Europe and was widely praised across the industry.




Forthcoming Auctions

Fine Chinese Paintings
Monday 12 November 2018, 11am

Kangxi: Porcelain & Decorative Arts
Monday 12 November 2018, 11.30am

Asian Art
Monday 12 and Tuesday 12 November 2018, 12.30pm/11am


拍卖会时间:二〇一八年十一月十二日 11:00AM
拍卖会时间:二〇一八年十一月十二日 11:30AM
拍卖会时间:二〇一八年十一月十二日 12:30PM
拍卖会时间:二〇一八年十一月十三日 11:00AM

Viewing times
2 November – 11 November
Weekdays 10am-6pm
Weekends 11am-5pm

周一至五: 10:00 – 18:00
周六、日: 11:00 – 17:00

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