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Collector’s Guide: 5 Essential Pieces for your Jewellery Box

18th August 2017

Ahead of the Jewellery auction on 12 September, Head of Department Sarah Duncan shares her 5 essential pieces for your jewellery box.


Diamond Ear Studs

‘Earstuds are a true staple of any collection. Big or small, day or night, these are here to stay. Earstuds can grow with you too, start with a smaller carat size and you can always upgrade later on. Although they are classic, there is still the opportunity to display your personality with more unusual diamond cuts like pear-shaped or princess-cut diamonds.’


‘A pearl necklace is a classic choice. Wrap them around your neck and they add a touch of class to any business suit, formal event or even a t-shirt. Natural or cultured, white, pink or black, big or small, pearls can be tailored to suit your individual style. Coco Chanel got these right many years ago and they remain effortlessly glamourous.’


Cocktail Ring

‘There are so many different variables to the cocktail, or dress ring. You can opt for traditional with a sapphire and diamond cluster ring or choose something more sculptural and unusual. Although a statement piece, dress rings are wearable and need not hinder your day to day activities.’


Statement Earrings

‘Statement earrings allow you to show your fun side and are a key trend at the moment. Earrings frame your face so investing in a stylish pair adds maximum impact. For formal occasions opting for a cascade of diamonds will complete any ensemble and for more casual events, bold earrings elevate the simple to stunning.’




A good Watch 

‘Invest in something you will want to wear everyday. True design is timeless and a vintage watch can be just as chic as a contemporary example. I wear a vintage gold Omega day to day. It’s discreet but makes an impact nonetheless. I just have to remember to wind it.’


Lot 279 – Watches auction, 12 September


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