Ceramics and Glass

Jim Peake



Jim has a strong interest in early ceramics and glass. He was most recently a cataloguer of Fine British and European Ceramics and Glass at Bonhams in New Bond Street. Jim holds a PhD in Archaeology and both an MSc and BSc in Conservation from Cardiff University. With a largely scientific background, he has previously focussed upon the compositional analysis of early medieval and Byzantine ceramics and glass. Jim has lectured widely at conferences throughout Britain and Europe, and has a number of publications in peer-reviewed conference proceedings. He is a member of the English Ceramic Circle, The Glass Circle, the Association Internationale pour l'Histoire du Verre (AIHV), the Glass Association, and the Association for the History of Glass.

Our next specialist sale of Ceramics and Glass takes place on Tuesday 25th July 2017, and we are currently inviting consignments for this.




Our Ceramics and Glass sales are curated in such a way so as to include both beginners and specialist pieces, designed to cater for all budgets. With a focus primarily on British and European pottery, porcelain and glass from the 15th to the early 20th centuries, we sell individual pieces as well as single-owner collections. In 2013 we sold the Pugh Collection of English Ceramics, which included some of the best names in English porcelain. In 2016 we sold the largest private collection of Mason’s Patent Ironstone China to come onto the market since the 1990’s.

Based in London, which remains the international centre of the art market, these sales have a strong internet presence which attracts a global audience who can buy and sell with confidence.

For valuations and consultation appointments please email Jim with images and your telephone number on ku.oc1500845032.snoi1500845032tcuak1500845032ciwsi1500845032hc@sc1500845032imare1500845032C1500845032 or call +44 (0)208 992 4442.



Our specialist ceramics and glass sales have included fine examples of English and European glass. As well as the more traditional English drinking glasses, we also sell early paperweights and engraved pieces from throughout Britain and Europe.


Continental and Russian Porcelain:

Continental porcelain remains a popular field for collectors. Our sales include fine ceramics by notable factories such as Meissen, Berlin (KPM) and Royal Copenhagen. We have also achieved excellent prices for Russian porcelain.


British Porcelain:

The ceramics and glass sales frequently include some of the most well-known names in English and Welsh porcelain, including Chelsea, Bow, Worcester and Swansea.



British Pottery:

Incorporating fine examples of British pottery including Staffordshire and Delft, together with examples by named factories such as Minton and Moorcroft, British pottery is an integral part of Ceramics and Glass sales at Chiswick Auctions.


European Pottery:

We include examples of European pottery from across the Continent, including Italian maiolica, Dutch Delft and fine stoneware.




25th April 2017 (lots 400-500)

31st January 2017 (lots 501-594)

11th October 2016 (lots 201-300)

28th June 2016 (lots 401-544)

19th April 2016 (lots 301-399)

9th February 2016 (lots 1-70)

13th October 2015 (lots 1-117)

14th July 2015 (lots 96-119)